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Doro unveils new technology at MWC

British newspaper Daily Mail published an interesting article about Swedish mobile phone company Doro.  Doro, which is specialised on the age segmented 65 and over, showcased a new technology at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

The company developed a mobile phone that tracks the movements of elderly relatives – and comes with extra-large and brighter buttons. The technology allows children and grandchildren to create so-called ‘safe zones’ for older relatives using a mobile phone. 

If the elderly person steps outside the area then the phone sends an alarm to family members.

The phones sends out an emergency signal if relatives do not immediately respond to an automated ‘are you ok?’ message.

The phones also have a panic button on the back which will send out the location of the wearer to five people.

Children and grandchildren can also control their parent’s mobile phones remotely, doing things such as turning up the brightness, or checking the volume to spot whether they are having hearing problems.

Along with the phone, Doro has developed a technology to enable families to monitor how many times their relatives get up in the night.

It was unveiled this week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, a trade show focused on the phone industry.

Chris Millington, managing director of Doro, said the new technology could not only provide peace of mind, but help relatives spot signs of conditions such as diabetes – without having to be there in person.

He added: ‘If they start getting up three or four times in a night then something has changed. Our technology is all about helping people stay at home longer on their own. We can predict an event such as a stroke before it happens, which could stop someone needing to go into hospital.


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