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Kopparberg recalls Sparkling Rose Cider

kopparberg-sparklingAccording to several English newspapers, Swedish brewery Kopparberg is pulling thousands of bottles of its sparkling rose cider from shelves in the UK, over fears the bottles will explode.

Customers are being warned not to attempt to open the bottles, and to dispose of the product immediately while handling “with care”. The Swedish brewery have issued the recall after receiving reports that some of the bottles may spontaneously smash or crack.

Both the Kopparberg Sparkling Rose Strawberry and Sparkling Rose Raspberry 750ml have been pulled from shelves, with barcodes 7393714527103 and 7393714527202 affected.

The bottles were only available to buy at ASDA supermarkets, and no other Kopparberg products are effected.

The incident could be one of the reason for the share price taking a significant hit over the last weeks. Unfortunately, the company has not issued any statement regarding the issue at this point.

Since volumes of the affected product are rather small, the overall impact on the company’s financial statement should be limited, however. Sparkling cider is a new product category for Kopparberg and the company is still in test-run mode.

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