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Opus – Remote Assisted Programming service released

Drew Technologies, a subsidiary of Opus Inspection, announces the
release of its Remote Assisted Programming (RAP) service - a vital
new element in the Vehicle Services portion of Opus Inspections
business. The RAP service, initially offered in the U.S., consists of
a self-contained hardware kit and a remote assistance service
conducted by Drew Tech expert technicians. It allows any repair shop
to update software in the vehicles computer system during service or
reprogram when replacing parts. The RAP service brings advanced
capabilities to independent repair shops while removing the burden of
continuous training and up front equipment expense. In the past,
these sorts of advanced capabilities were often available only to
dealerships due to the high costs of dealer tools and OEM training
programs. RAP service fills the gap in this vital reprogramming need
by providing independent shops with the appropriate tools and remote
assist expertise.

Technicians are challenged to keep up with tools, training, and
experience required to service the many brands of vehicles.  This is
particularly true for the millions of software updates and
reprogramming actions that are required each year. Often, technicians
are turning down repair jobs that require reprogramming because they
arent equipped, or have concerns that lack of training and
experience could lead to difficulties in completing the repair. As
the number of computers in vehicles increases with each model year,
the complexity of required software reprogramming goes up. This is a
particular problem for independent repair shops that service many
different brands without the benefit of dealer tools or training
programs.  Drew Technologies now provides a new solution with the RAP
service to address this growing demand.  The RAP service puts the
tools and our trained professionals at the shops disposal without
requiring a massive investment in hardware, software licensing, or

The RAP service was designed as a low-cost, turn-key remote solution
that can be used by automotive technicians, regardless of their
experience level. Using our J2534 tools, experienced Drew Tech
customers successfully reprogram cars thousands of times all over the
world each and every day. The introduction of this RAP service
provides access to a whole new group of technicians who need the
capability to reprogram vehicles but dont have required tools,
continuous training, or confidence that all required information is
available to them. The RAP service will give our customers immediate
access, a per-use fee structure, and a success guarantee. says Brian
Herron, President of Drew Technologies.

The RAP service leverages success from other Drew Technologies J2534
products and its industry leading vehicle communication support team,
while incorporating over a decades worth of intellectual property
with several patents pending. The system has been tested by repair
shops and automakers since March of 2016 with hundreds of successful
reprogramming events completed. The RAP service promises to open the
door for independent shops to fulfill the needs of their customers in
an increasingly complex field of vehicle service and repair.

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