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Nexam: Highest product sales ever

NexamLogoNexam Chemical announced its Q2 2016 results this morning. Net sales for the quarter amounted to SEK 4,2m, the highest level ever. The company states that it is evaluating acquisitions and cooperations with manufacturers in order to ensure that it can demand future demand. Nexam also hired a new dedicated Head of Sales, who has started his position in August. Management seems to prepare for serious growth in the coming quarters.
Comments CEO Anders Spetz: “Our activities during the second quarter have continued at high and unchanged rate. The overall product sales for the Company ́s three focus areas during the second
quarter were the highest so far. As the Company is still in a development stage, relatively large variations from quarter to quarter can be expected over the coming period.
During the quarter, intensive work has been done to evaluate appropriate manufacturers that, going forward, can ensure our and our customer’s need of commercial masterbatch volumes. As a result of
this process, we have selected a limited number of manufacturers who meet our criteria. We now intend to go into further discussions with these companies concerning different types of
Limited masterbatch production has already begun at some of these selected companies. We have not yet determined in what form the cooperation will take place, but so far we have not
excluded neither strategic partnerships nor acquisitions. In August, Johan Arvidsson assumed his position as Chief Sales Officer. This is a clear strengthening of the sales and marketing organization, all in line with the existing expansion plans. Johan has extensive experience from
commercialization of products in the chemical industry. With Johan on the team, Nexam Chemicals sales focus willbe even stronger…
Overall, during the quarter we have received further confirmation that our technology works. Our strong financial position enables us to put full focus on the ongoing commercialization as well as the implementation of our growth strategy.”
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