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Heliospectra – growing 124% in Q1

images-12Swedish LED-lighting specialist Heliospectra reported 124% y-o-y revenue growth this morning. Net turnover increased to SEK 4,7m compared with SEK 2,1m. The first half of the year is usually somewhat calmer from an order perspective, so the fact that the company has received three larger orders so far is quite encouraging.

CEO Staffan Hillberg comments: “Typically, we have one or two large orders per quarter and a number of smaller orders. We are usually in direct contact with major customers, in particular in periods when they test our products. We also use existing customers as references for new clients, so that they can discuss on a grower-to-grower basis as well as visit our reference installations. We recently organised a visit to our customer “The Grove”, who purchased products for SEK 5.7 million in 2015, where thirty or so new potential customers were able to participate. Our customers operate in a rapidly expanding industry, which means there is potential for us to grow with them.

Satisfied customers and references are extremely important in our industry. Therefore, we provide them with advice and information on how best to achieve results with our products. In the future, we may be able to charge for the information and the support we provide both before and after sales.

It is encouraging that we are receiving increasing numbers of orders both directly via our own website as well as via our distributors, such as e.g. GrowersHouse in the US. We are still getting many inquiries and orders via email, in particular from universities and ag tech companies, which have sometimes been worth several hundreds of thousands of SEK and led to even larger orders. We are also seeing a clear trend that researchers are increasingly including equipment from Heliospectra already at the stage of applying for research grants.

All our three markets in research/ag tech, greenhouse and medical cannabis are experiencing strong growth and changing with new technology. Heliospectra is an active participant in this process and participates in the most important fairs and conferences such as the ones referred to below.

In Michigan, Heliospectra’s innovative and patented biofeedback system is presented by our staff, together with collaborators from Chalmers University of Technology. This project is partly financed by Mistra, and Heliospectra owns all of the results.

We are building an international industrial company by combining the latest in hardware and software with biology. As a consequence of population growth, urbanisation, global warming and demand in relation to organic/healthy cultivation, the future of food security will face new challenges. At Heliospectra we are proud to be able to participate and deliver effective solutions that mead the needs of rapidly expanding markets.

For a thorough presentation of the Heliospectra-case and why it is an interesting investment click here

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Disclaimer: Nordic Investor holds shares in Heliospectra

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