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Heliospectra – receives SEK 500k for Middle East project

images-12Swedish intelligent lighting specialist Heliospectra (also listed in the US under the ticker HLSPY) announced this morning that it receives a grant of SEK 500,000 – for the development of energy-efficient and water-conserving plant cultivations in the Middle East.

Heliospectra, a world leader in intelligent lighting technology for plant research and greenhouse cultivation, has been awarded a grant from the Swedish Energy Agency totalling SEK 500,000. Until 31 August 2016, Heliospectra will analyse and improve the possibilities for engaging in energy-efficient, water-conserving growing in the Middle East.

This venture represents a strategically important development project for Heliospectra. It also of utmost significance for the region as a whole, where water is in short supply and is expected to be an even scarcer commodity in the future. The need to identify energy-efficient and, perhaps even more importantly, water- conserving means of growing plants in the Middle East is enormous in places such as the Middle East“, says Staffan Hillberg, CEO of Heliospectra.

For example, a minimal amount of Qatars food consumption comes from crops grown in the country, with almost all foods being imported. This system is not sustainable in the long term. While a limited growth regime is possible in a greenhouse environment, temperatures during the summer months can
reach over 45 degrees Celsius, making crop growth all but impossible. In certain areas in Africa and California, water will be at even more of a premium than it is today.

Projects like the Middle East project at hand, which aim to advance the efficiency of plant growth, are going to be increasingly necessary. These are projects where we at Heliospectra, with our products and expertise, can play a major role“, according to Staffan Hillberg.

The projects budget stands at an approximate total of SEK 1.7 million, of which the Energy Agencys grant covers 30 percent and Heliospectra is funding the remaining 70 percent. The project is part of a larger
cooperation agreement between Heliospectras part-owner Midroc New Technology and GORD – Gulf Organisation for Research & Development. The aim is to create a pilot facility combining energy-efficient products from Swedish companies in the Midroc portfolio.

Heliospectra is already one of the driving forces behind future-oriented projects aiming to develop effective growing systems with minimal consumption of light and water resources. Among other leading positions, Heliospectra is part of an international consortium which constitutes a part of the EDEN Initiative, a research programme developed by the German aerospace centre, DLR Institute of Space Systems (ISS). EDEN ISS primary objective is to develop, integrate and demonstrate various crop cultivation technologies and operating processes for safe food production on board the International Space Station and for future manned space expeditions.

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