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#Heliospectra – one of top 25 Cannabusinesses 2015


As the cannabis industry continues to flourish with new and innovative products and services, a handful of companies are standing out above the crowd. One January 1st 2016, Cannabis Now published a list of exceptional cannabis companies and takes a look at some of the top contenders that made large strides in 2015 – and will likely continue to make more in 2016.

Part of this top 25 list is Swedish LED-lighting specialist Heliospectra. Cannabis Now writes as follows:

Swedish light company Heliospectra has deep roots in the indoor/greenhouse agricultural industry. With their sights set on the rapidly expanding U.S. cannabis market, Heliospectra has seen an opportunity to use its leading-edge, light spectrum technology to assist marijuana cultivators in growing better product with better efficiency. Their LEDs lights have been known to replace high-pressure sodium lights and produce quality flowers that stand up to conventionally-grown indoor.”

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