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Nexam – optimistic CEO message and hints on new commercial success


Nexam Chemical’s CEO Anders Spetz addressed shareholders this morning in a video message. Please see our Twitter-feed for comments on this very promising message ahead of 2016.

Elsewhere, Nexam Chemical´s CTO, Dane Momcilovic, has been interviewed for an article in the trade magazine Plastics Technology regarding the company´s heat-activated additives for enhancing processability and end use-performance of a broad range of plastics. The article can be found in the 2015 December issue Plastics Technology (page 39).

Here are some highlights of the article:

“Nexam Chemical AB of Sweden offers globally a new type of heat-activated additives for enhancing processability and end-use performance of a broad range of plastics…Explains Dane Momcilovic, Nexam’s chief technology officer,”Our core competence is in development of products for controlled polymer modification. One important application area is the modification of melt strength and polymer viscosity. So far, we have devoted significant effort to polymers used for extrusion applications. Our modification technology also offers opportunities for upgrading recycled materials whose polymer chains very often are somewhat degraded and less stable from a processing perspective, as compared with their virgin counterparts.” …Two PHA copolymers are said to have unique miscibility in PVC…Max Senechal, Metabolix’s v.p. of strategy and commercial development, notes that there are at least five end-use applications in the works, with two expected to be commercial within the near term. The first is flooring, whereby I6002 PHA copolymer serves as both a compatibilizer and an internal lubricant/processing aid, improving tensile toughness, tensile strength, torque reduction, and UV resistance…The second developmental application is extruded railing of PVC/wood polymer composites, where I6003 acts as both a compatibilizer and processing aid, promoting better dispersion of wood flour and mineral fillers….Other applications being explored include roofing membranes, where I6002 acts as a high-molecular-weight secondary plasticizer and processing aid. It shows good permanence (low plasticizer migration) and oil and grease resistance. Wire and cable jacketing and tubing and films are other potential applications.”


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