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Nexam receives order from leading pipe manufacturer


Very positive news out this morning from one of our previous top-picks, Nexam Chemical. The company announced that it has received an order of approximately SEK 1.5 million from one of the worlds largest pipe manufacturers. Delivery is expected in January 2016. The order relates to compound, partly with NEXIMITE in low dosage, however, essential for the customers products. The compound is produced by one of Nexam Chemicals partners.

The order is yet another confirmation that our products work within the large market for polyethylene pipes. Our product can provide enhancements and process improvements that create substantial value
for the customer. With our product, the customer has passed several important toll gates in their development process with positive results. With this order they are ready to go commercial. This
success strengthens us to move forward in developing this very interesting pipe market.” says Nexam Chemicals CEO Anders Spetz.

With 2014 having been the year of postponements and somewhat of misguidance by previous management, Nexam has seriously started to deliver in 2015. With its new leadership under the helm of Anders Spetz, the company has trimmed its cost structure and focused more and more on sales initiatives. Today’s announced order is the third order within recent weeks. Chances appear high that 2016 might become the year of significant commercial success for Nexam.

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