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Nordic Camping: Sweden is running out of refugee housing


Swedish news agency Direkt reports this afternoon that Sweden is running out of housing possibilities for the ever-increasing number of refugees coming to the country.

Minister of justice and migration, Morgan Johansson, stated this at a press meeting on Thursday afternoon. “Even we have our limits of what we can handle and we have reached ours“, he is quoted saying.

He is also quoted saying that he hopes that today’s announcement has a dampening effect on the number of asylum seekers that want to enter Sweden.

In light of this, we can only reiterated that Nordic Camping is one of the winners of this development as it has a housing agreement with Swedish Migrationsverket for 7 out of its 14 camping sites. During the winter months, which are usually bad periods for regular camping business, Nordic Camping is renting out its facilities to Migrationsverket. We believe that Nordic Camping needs to massively update its expected income estimate from the Migrationsverket deal.

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