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Opus: Great interest for remote sensing


Vehicle inspection specialist Opus, the company who was first to discover the Volkswagen diesel fraud in the USA, is experiencing great interest for its remote sensing technology. Unsurprisingly, this topic has become high up on the agenda, since the EU has decided that diesel driven cars will be inspected under real-life conditions, rather than in the laboratory.

In an interview with Swedish news agency Nyhetsbyrån Direkt, Opus’ Head of Investor Relations Peter Stenström says: “There is big interest for Remote Sensing and we have received inquiries from different parties. Since NOx appears during the actual work load, the only right way to control these levels in real traffic.

As we have reported, the EU countries decided on Wednesday that emissions test for diesel driven cars will be conducted under real-life conditions as of 2017. The decision came as a reaction to the revelation that Volkswagen cheated with its emission tests in the USA. Opus was first to identify Volkswagen’s fraud (read more about this Opus first to identify Volkswagen diesel fraud in the USA).

According to Peter Stenström, there are technologies that are mounted on the actual vehicle, but few suppliers of remote sensing solution, besides Opus. Opus is now in the middle of the launching its technology in the EU. Says Mr Stenström: “The technology that we, together with the university of Denver, have developed is patented. There are other solutions that are using laser, but they are still in a development stage and not operating.”

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