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Nordic Camping benefits from asylum wave


Pretty dramatic new guesstimate by Swedish Migration Authority on asylum seekers in Sweden 2015 versus 2014:


While the weekly number of asylum seekers to Sweden averaged between 1,000 and 2,000 during 2014, there has been a dramatic increase of recent weeks and months and the current weekly number is approaching 10,000 as we speak. 

Obviously this puts a lot of pressure on authorities as to how to accommodate all these new asylum seekers. One company that is cooperating with the migration authority is Nordic Camping. As we have reported, before the leading Swedish camping operator has a contract for seven of its camping sites during its off-season months. Given the increasingly high stream of new refugees coming into the country, we would not be surprised of the current contract was to be expanded. Nordic Camping greatly benefits from this kind of business, since the winter months usually mean mainly costs for the company.

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