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Stabilus Powerise equips Tesla Model X


Stabilus, the globally leading developer and producer of gas springs and hydraulic dampers, announced on October 14th, that itsĀ electromechanical POWERISE system is continuously gaining market shares.

The convenience feature, which allows tailgates and trunk lids to be opened automatically at the push of a button, is being offered by car manufacturers as an option in a growing number of car models. Today, Stabilus is one of the world’s top three providers in the area of electromechanical drives for trunk lids and tailgates. In several important markets such as the USA, Stabilus is already the market leader. As a result, Stabilus particularly benefits from the growth in demand for automatic trunk lids, which is developing significantly faster than the growth of the automotive market.

The new application of POWERISE in the recently launched Tesla Model X sets another milestone for Stabilus: It is the first time the company supplies a car manufacturer with its electromechanical drive system for application in components other than tailgates and trunk lids. The rear doors of the Tesla Model X have been designed as gullwing doors (known as “Falcon Wings”) that open and close at the push of a button. Each of the doors is propelled by four POWERISE systems.

The desire for ergonomically efficient operation is a megatrend of our time. Up to now, the POWERISE systems have mainly been used in the luxury segment. However, rising customer demand for greater comfort and better ergonomics is leading to the increased use of this technology in volume models of the next generation of mid-size and compact cars. Rising order backlogs of Stabilus help indicate future equipment options in the automotive sector.

Dietmar Siemssen, CEO of Stabilus, said: “The use of our POWERISE systems to open and close the rear doors of the brand new Tesla Model X is a major success for us and is an example for the versatility of the POWERISE technology. But POWERISE also continues to thrive as an automatic drive for trunk lids as well as tailgates and, after having penetrated the luxury and SUV segments, is increasingly used in the volume segments of mid-size and compact cars.

To meet the growing demand for both classical gas springs and dampers – of which Stabilus produced a total of 138 million units in fiscal year 2014 – as well as for POWERISE drives, Stabilus is further expanding its production capacities in Europe, Asia and North America. This will create more than 500 new jobs at the sites in Romania, China and Mexico in 2015 and 2016.

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