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Opus first to identify Volkswagen fraud


On September 30th, Swedish vehicle inspection specialist Opus was mentioned in an article in the prestigious New York Times for its remote sensing technology.

In fact, Opus Inspection identified the high emission levels of Volkswagen’s and Audi’s Diesel cars in the US already in 2014 with the help of its Remote Sensing Technology. The New York Times article asks for “a truly independent emissions-testing system that measures pollution where it occurs” and mentions Opus’s inspection program in Colorado as a bright example.

Remote sensing devices can measure emissions as a vehicle passes by, often without the driver knowing they have been tested. The technology measures emissions on the road, rather than the laboratory, making the test much more usable. The New York Times states that about a half-dozen states in the USA are using such technology routinely to supplement their inspection programs, and at least 10 others perform periodic surveys and studies. In Colorado, where Opus is the inspection contract holder, cars that are found in compliance by a remote sensing device are exempted from vehicle emissions tests.

We believe that it seems highly likely that such positive media coverage of Opus inspection and remote sensing technology will have a positive impact on future contract negotiations in the US. Opus is at the forefront of the technological development and environmental aspects will likely become more and more important, not only in the US but globally. Oftentimes it takes events such as the Volkswagen scandal to open the eyes (and wallets) of decision makers.

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