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Heliospectra – CEO anticipates continued strong growth


On October 13th, Heliospectra AB (OTCQB: HLSPY, FIRSTNORTH: HELIO) announced that the company will receive approximately 2.8 million USD (22.5 MSEK), before transaction costs, through the utilization of subscription warrants of Series TO 1. The subscription price was 10 SEK per share. Heliospectra is a world leader in intelligent LED grow lights for plant science and greenhouse cultivation,

Weland Värdepapper AB, the parent company of Heliospectra largest owner Weland Stål AB, has signed its full holdings of warrants corresponding to 10 million SEK (about 1.2 million USD) and Midroc New Technology has utilized their warrants for a subscription of 1 million SEK (about 120000 USD).

The outcome means that about 90% of the subscription warrants in series TO 1 has been used. The contribution will be used to accelerate sales approaches, particularly in the expanding US market. Heliospectra has recently received several orders which means a strong commercial breakthrough in the US, and we anticipate continued strong growth in sales of our products,” says Staffan Hillberg, CEO Heliospectra.


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