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#Nordic Camping: Another record year for Swedish camping


Swedish news agency FinWire reports that occupancy rates for Swedish camping grounds are increasing and approaching new record levels. According to a survey conducted by SCR Svensk Camping, which was done among 179 camping site operators, occupancy rates are higher compared with the previous record year 2014, despite the rather challenging summer.

65% of SCR Svensk Camping’s members say that the occupancy during Juni-August 2015 has been better or at least as good as last year’s. Sweden also appears to attract foreign tourists. 78% say that occupancy from international visitors has been better or at least as good as last year’s.

The increase comes primarily from mobile homes. 45% of the camping sites say that they mobile homes are the main growth driver.

Comments Lars Isacson, CEO SCR Svensk Camping: “Swedish camping is heading towards yet another record year. These numbers show that the high standard, service and activity offer on our camping sites continue to attract guests to the freedom that comes with a camping vacation.”

We note that one of Sweden’s biggest camping operator, Nordic Camping, is listed on Aktietorget. The share has had a tough time in the recent months, we find both unjustified but even more so, has created a good entry opportunity.

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Disclaimer: Nordic Investor holds shares in Nordic Camping

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