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#Nordic Camping: Confident CEO in interview with news agency


As we have reported previously, Sweden’s tourism industry is booming and aiming for yet another record year. Nordic Camping’s CEO Tom Sibirzeff recently confirmed that his company is well set to benefit from this development. In an interview with Swedish news agency FinWire, Mr Sibirzeff said:

Although there was some rain during July, this period is usually fully booked anyway. It is actually better for us when the heat and the sun come in August when the degree of pre-booking is usually somewhat lower.

In August and September, campers from outside Sweden are expected, mainly from the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. Their currencies are 4% stronger this year and this is positive for the camping industry in general and obviously also for Nordic Camping“, says Mr Sibirzeff.

It can be noted that the increasing trend of spending your vacation in a mobile home and camping grounds need to adapt. That puts special demands on the camping operators. Heavy vehicles need special lots and automatic check-in functionality is another feature in high demand. Nordic Camping has during 2015 doubled the amount of lots for mobile homes on its facility in Stockholm.

Nordic Camping is scheduled to present its Q2 2015 report on August 27th.


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