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#Opus: Concession awarded in Chile

The Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications (MTT) in Chile has announced that Opus Inspection’s subsidiary in Chile will be awarded a concession to design, build, and operate vehicle inspection stations in Region O’Higgins. Under the 8-year contract, the company will establish two, modern, inspection stations in the cities of Rancagua and San Vicente.

We are pleased that the MTT has selected our company for the award, among the many competitive proposals that were submitted in response to the public tender,” said Jim Sands, President of Opus Inspection. “This new concession in Region O’Higgins is a synergistic addition to the concession that we already won in Region del Maule. We are looking forward to working with the MTT to implement a successful new inspection program.
The new inspection stations in Region O’Higgins will perform over 100,000 road worthiness inspections per year at a fee of CLP 7,250 per inspection. The contract is expected to start generating revenues in the second part of 2016, according to the company.

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