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#TrustBuddy: Another milestone for Geldvoorelkaar

TrustBuddy’s highly successful Dutch P2P SME subsidiary Geldvoorelkaar (GVK) has reached yet another milestone. The company which has up to now funded loans amounting to EUR 62m, is offering investors the first ever campaign at a size of EUR 1 million. Previously, the biggest campaigns were at around EUR 500k.

Since yesterday, investors can invest in travel service provider, at 8.1% interest p.a..As a nice bonus, is offering 55 travel vouchers worth EUR 500 each to investors.

GVK’s latest project symbolises the fast growth SME P2P lending is experiencing. Not only is the amount of company’s seeking financing via crowdfunding increasing, but also the project size is increasing. At the time of writing, GVK offers one campaign of EUR 1m, one at EUR 500k and another at EUR 450k, on top of several smaller ones.

GVK is at the forefront of the fast growing SME P2P lending market, constantly improving its IT infrastructure and introducing add-on services around its products, e.g. the recent introduction of a consulting package (Nordic Investor reported). The company is expected to open shop in neighbouring Belgium during or shortly after the summer, with the first companies already signed up.¬†TrustBuddy has also announced that it will launch a Swedish version of GVK’s offering under the brand Crowdfunding Society, once the company has received a PSD license by the Swedish authorities.

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