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#TrustBuddy: GVK introduces new revenue stream

Ahead of its upcoming launch in Belgium, TrustBuddy’s Dutch subsidiary Geldvoorelkaar (GVK) is introducing a new revenue stream. The company announced that it introduces, what it calls a “new phenomenon in crowdfunding”. Since June 22nd, GVK offers consultancy packages for entrepreneurs and intermediaries (accountants, financial advisers).

GVK says that it attaches great importance to the cooperation between entrepreneurs and intermediaries. Good cooperation between entrepreneur and intermediary contributes to a company’s success, even when the necessary funding is obtained through crowdfunding. Therefore, GVK wants to fulfil a supporting role and offers from now on the possibility for entrepreneurs to enter into a consulting and coaching packages.

An entrepreneur can choose in consultation with his intermediary the following advice and guidance packages: Gold (60 hour supervision), Silver (40 hour supervision) and Bronze (20 hour supervision).

The entrepreneur is guaranteed advice and guidance during the term of the loan. Entrepreneurs who work with intermediaries increase their chances of success and ensure the continuity of their business.
GVK offers the possibility to finance the consulting hours with the crowdfunding project, thereby reducing the threshold to seek advice. If an entrepreneur in consultation with his intermediate chooses a guidance and counseling package this will be mentioned in the pitch which is published on the website.

We welcome this innovative approach which is a sign that TrustBuddy is constantly developing its product. GVK is set to expand to Belgium during the summer and the Swedish SME P2P product will be launched once the necessary PSD license has been received. With its premium SME product in place in the Netherlands since several years, TrustBuddy has a huge advantage over the existing players on the Swedish market.

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