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#TrustBuddy: Agreement with #LXCCoin provides new funds

According to Blackbird PR News, P2P lending provider TrustBuddy and LXCCoin have recently initiated an investment agreement.

According to the source, TrustBuddy is the first manager of funds backing the underlying value of LXCCoins, and the first investment has already been completed. Under the agreement, LXCCoin Ltd. is activated as an “Investment Agent” by TrustBuddy, where all funds going into the LXCCoin will be invested in P2P lending through Trustbuddy’s platform and the interest will increase the underlying value of LXCcoin year after year. This underlying value of the LXCCoin will be published on a daily basis on the company website,, from Q3-2015.

Blackbird PR News also states that TrustBuddy has a five-year performance record in the LXCCoin selected markets of around 14% p.a. on invested funds. They target an overall 12 % per year yield, and is expected to provide a 1% per month yield for the LXCCoin.

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