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#Nexam: More patent applications

NexamLogoNexam Chemical just announced that two new external patent applications with Nexam’s crosslinker PEPA and EPA have been made public.

Nissan Chemical Industries Ltd have submitted a patent application to the Japanese patent authority concerning method of producing and composition for forming resin thin film for flexible displays where the cross linker PEPA are included.

Separately, JNC Corporation has filed a patent application in the US concerning thermosetting composition, hardened film and electronic component where the crosslinker EPA is included.

Over the last month, Nexam’s share price is down almost 20% without any negative news whatsoever. The general shaky market sentiment and “risk-off” approach by many investors usually hits young and small companies harder, so this comes hardly as a surprise. We believe that the constant inflow of new patent applications is a great sign that operationally, Nexam is developing well, which is the most important thing for mid-to long-term shareholders.

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