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#G5 Entertainment: New genre with #vegas style #casino game

G5JackpotCasinoSweden listed mobile gaming developer and publisher G5 Entertainment, yesterday released what could turn out to become one of its most interesting games in a long time.

G5 Jackpot Casino: Free Vegas Slots” (download the game here: is a whole new genre for G5, which is usually known for its hidden objects and time management games.

What makes the casino game genre so interesting is the fact that, just like in real life, people seem to love to gamble. Looking at today’s top grossing games list for the iPhone in the US (as provided by, we note that not less than five (!!!) of the top 20 grossing games are actually casino/slot games.

ThinkgamingTop20While this is obviously a sign that competition is tough in this genre, we believe it is even more a sign that monetization is outstanding for gambling games. Players get hooked and keep on spending in their favourite casino game.

It remains to be seen whether G5 can manage to build any significant audience for its Jackpot Casino: Free Vegas Slots, but we believe that chances are high that the game could develop into a second money maker for the company, after Secret Society. In any case, G5’s share should certainly be worth “a gamble” at current levels.

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