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$CMGE: Interesting presentation at #GMGC conference

Said Ying: “Just a year ago, we would have been excited to report monthly revenues of 10 million. Today, we may even be embarrassed if our revenues are below 30 million

According to Ying, research has shown that, while in the past new mobile game users were not PC gamers, today almost half of all new game users are PC gamers or have migrated from desktop games.

midtohardcore-CMGE-imageThis shift has also influenced gamer preferences, with a gradual shift from casual gaming applications, to more hard core gaming applications. In the past, successful games were often simple easy to play games, this however is no longer the case, with gamers showing a preference for a more immersive gaming experience.


It is with this mind that Crisis Action, the world’s first FPS (first-person shooter) game on mobile was developed by CMGE. From the very start Crisis Action was aimed for scale, with Ying believing strongly that a large user base is a significant predictor of game success. Crisis Action has achieved significant scale, with DAU surpassing 2 million in 15 days and more than 300,000 in PCU.

Our first million DAU goal has been very early reached, and we hope that by making our product better in the next 2-3 months, Crisis Action will become China’s first breakthrough 5 million DAU mobile game and also China’s first truly globalization mobile game.

CMGE has designed Crisis Action to have a lifespan of between 3 to 5 years. While normal mobile games only have a lifespan of about six months to a year, CMGE believes that the migration of PC gamers to mobile will potentially lengthen the life of a game. As such this chance to achieve lifespan parity between PC and mobile games is a fantastic opportunity not to be missed.

We are all in the best times, where we are able to experience such an age that mobile gaming can replace PC gaming, and we hope we all can seize this opportunity to welcome this industry event.”

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