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$CMGE: #mobile gaming grows strongly in #China

CMGElogoChina Internet Watch is reporting about an interesting market update from Nielsen on mobile gaming in China. According to the study, mobile devices’ penetration, mobile network’s improvement as well as social network’s booming lead to rapid growth of the mobile online gaming market in China.


The number of China’s mobile gaming users was already over 0.33 billion in H1 2014 and it is believed that there is still great potential in online gaming market with its rapid growth in users according to Nielsen. Total number of mobile gaming users on smartphones reached 190 million in 2013 according to iResearch.

In H1 2014, total revenue of China mobile online gaming market exceeded more than RMB12.52 million (US$ 2.03 million) with a an increase of 394.9% YoY. The large number of users, as well as part of users’ paying habits for gaming contribute to good performance of the Chinese mobile online gaming market, according to Nielsen.


Leisure & mind, chess & card and strategy games are the top three popular games categories favored by Chinese Internet users in 2013 and 2014.

According to Nielsen’s research, 47% mobile gaming users play games everyday and 88% of them log in on gaming platforms for many times per day. 94% of users play games for over 10 minutes each time. All above indicates that mobile gaming advertisements can effectively touch users.


69% of China mobile gaming users do not reject advertisement on mobile gaming platform and 51% of them can remember effective ads information.

One of the major beneficiaries of the strong growth in Chinese mobile gaming is CMGE. To read more about the company and why we believe it has the potential to double, please read here:

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