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#Nexam: #3D printing thanks to PEPA

NexamLogoNexam Chemical announced today that a patent application has been filed in China by the Institute of Chemistry at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The application relates to methods for 3D printing of polyimides which is made possible by the inclusion of the cross-linker PEPA. (Patent Application Publication No. CN 2014-10181510)

Up to now, Polyimide-films are produced by printing very thin layers of Polyimide. When thick layers are required, the printing process needs to be done several times which many times causes problems. In the future and with help of PEPA, it will be possible to 3D print thick layers of Polyimide and thereby create an unlimited amount of different types of gadgets.

Polyimides are almost exclusively used within electronics. It is our impression that there are many different potential applications areas ranging from consumer electronics, power generation, automotive (electronics in cars/trucks) and many more.

Today’s announcement seems very exciting as it could open Nexam’s way into the additive manufacturing industry, oftentimes called the third industrial revolution.

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