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#Nordic Camping: Growth in Swedish tourism




Tourism in Sweden is enjoying steady growth, driven both by foreign and domestic tourists, according to an article by from today. In 2013, the Swedish tourism industry had revenues of SEK 284bn.

The total number of overnight stays has increased by 4% during the first half of 2014 and amounted to 23.7 million.The number of stays by Swedes increased by 3% to 18.5 million while the number foreign stays increased by 5% to 5.2 million.

Most foreign tourists are coming from Norway, Germany, Denmark and the UK but it was actually the number of tourists from outside Europe that made up for the biggest percentage increase with +23% (driven by USA and India).

In terms of accommodation, 60% of all tourists chose to stay in a hotel, 20% chose tents, 10% stayed in private housing and 6% in B&Bs.

We believe that one of the companies benefitting from this trend is Nordic Camping. In addition to the market growth, the company is also enjoying strong organic growth. Last week we could report about a very optimistic interview with the company’s CEO. Nordic Camping is successfully consolidating the Swedish camping market and enjoys more and more economies of scale.

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