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#G5 Entertainment: The graphs don’t match

newlogoIt is hard to not be puzzled these days when you are looking at three important graphs for Sweden listed mobile gaming developer and publisher G5 Entertainment.

First, we have the graph that is showing the total revenues generated by mobile games in the USA (iPhone), i.e. the underlying market development:

thinkgamingSecond, we take a look at the top grossing positions of G5’s most important game on iPad in the US:

SecretSocietyThird, we take G5 Entertainment’s share price chart:

G5shareTo put it in a nutshell: Operationally, the development for G5 could almost be not more favourable and the stock market is missing out on that (so far). G5’s most important game, Secret Society, is constantly holding its high top grossing positions in the most important app markets around the world, at the same time as the total cake is getting bigger by the day. Ergo, G5’s slice is getting bigger by the day.

It is a matter of times until the charts will be in harmony again.

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