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#Opus: Clear ambition to grow

logoOpus recently participated in an Investor Forum in Gothenburg, Sweden (18/03/2014).

Besides a general presentation of the company and an update of the recently closed Envirotest acquisition, we believe one of the most interesting comments was made during the Q&A session at the end. Asked about the likely upcoming newsflow for 2014, Opus’ Head of Investor Relations, Peter Stenström, stated that the company has the clear ambition to grow. There are 3-4 new contracts to be distributed in the US and also South America is considered to be very interesting region for Opus. Mr Stenström also mentions Asia as a promising region going forward. In terms of M&A, 2014 should be seen as a year of consolidation following the large acquisition of Envirotest.

You can see the presentation here:

Nordic Investor

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