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#G5 Entertainment: #iPad big winner of Black Friday sales

newlogoAccording to an article on, many Americans used yesterday’s traditional Black Friday sale to get their hands on an iPad. What happens once you have bought your tablet? Exactly, you want to fill it with apps. The ever-increasing base of installed devices contributes to strong growth of the app market. G5 Entertainment is a company with major exposure to the US iPad market. Its blockbuster hit Secret Society, performs exceptionally well in the US, so this should be good news for G5!

Here’s the article:
“Apple’s iPad came out as the big winner based on a quick analysis of Black Friday sales at the Target retail chain today, according to InfoScout. The data is based on InfoScout’s consumer research. The company interviewed the first 3,000 shoppers at Target on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

The top three items sold at Target were all iPads, and the top 30 items sold were all consumer electronics devices. Apple products were 22 percent of Target’s early sales, and iPads alone were 18 percent of Target’s sales, or 10 times the sales of Android tablets at Target.”


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