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#G5 Entertainment: Among top10 hottest IT companies in Sweden

Swedish mobile gaming developer and publisher G5 Entertainment is among the top 10 hottest IT companies according to Computer Sweden (In Swedish:

Here’s the top 10 list:

  1. Widespace – specialised on adds for mobile phones and tablets
  2. Izettle – Payment solution primarily for small businesses. Enables the user to use her mobile phone or tablet to swipe a credit card in stead of a traditional card reader
  3. Springworks – M2M-platform focused on vehicles
  4. Truecaller – App that let’s you find phone numbers
  5. Now Interact – Solutions for real time optimisation of cooperation between online channels and physical sales channels
  6. Thingsquare – Connects devices with the internet
  7. Storytel – Streaming service for audibooks, comparable to Spotify and Netflix
  8. G5 Entertainment – family friendly casual games. Both developer of own games and publisher of third party games
  9. Beepsend – SMS service for businesses, system to person
  10. Vergic – Sales and customer service tool to improve e-commerce

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