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#G5 Entertainment: Ranking check

newlogoIt’s been a while since our last ranking check for G5 Entertainment, but with Q3 coming to an end we thought it was about time.

We find it hard to paint a clear picture of G5’s top grossing rankings and what it could mean for actual revenues in Q3. Looking at the overall number of games ranked among the top grossing games in the different app markets, we could notice a slight recovery towards the end of Q3 but in general the numbers seem somewhat below the levels seen in Q2 and Q1 2013. At the same time, the app market is growing all the time so a number 100 spot today is certainly worth more than 6 months ago. Most importantly, Secret Society has had a great quarter with the highlight being a #15 top grossing ranking in the US iPad store. That fact alone weights pretty heavily. Additionally, Secret Society is the first game for G5 which achieves good rankings on Google Play. Q3 2013 is the first quarter with the full effect of these successes.

It will be interesting to see the company’s preliminary Q3 2013 numbers which, as usual, will be published a few working days after the end of the quarter. No matter what, the G5 share appears to be extremely oversold and with the relisting to Nasdaq OMX around the corner, the stage seems set for a very pleasant end of the year.

Number of G5 Entertainment games among the top grossing charts for iOS:

(We are screening the app markets of Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, UK and USA)

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