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#G5 Entertainment: Finally earning money on Google Play

newlogoG5 Entertainments top title Secret Society continues to increase its importance for the company’s revenue. Last week has shown an impressive journey on the top grossing iPad charts around the world, with the highlight being a #16 spot in the USA. While it is hard to quantify just exactly how much such a position is worth, industry reports suggest that around USD 30,000-40,000 a day might not be impossible. Admittedly, Secret Society’s iPad rankings have sort of normalized again and the game is today ranked #46 in the USA, not too shabby either.

What’s equally noteworthy is the increasing success the game has on Google Play. As of today, Secret Society is ranked #88 in the USA, #61 in the UK, #77 in Germany and even #34 in France and #50 in Russia’s top grossing charts. For the first time ever, G5 Entertainment is earning some serious money on Google Play, where it has had a lackluster performance in the past. This should be kept in mind when projecting Q3 2013 y-o-y growth. Q3 2012 had a stellar performance of Virtual City Playground in iOS, however, VCP was not as successful as Secret Society nor was it  particularly successful on Google Play/Android.

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G5 continues on its profitable growth track and we see the recent sluggish share price performance as a great entry point ahead of the upcoming relisting to Nasdaq OMX. Foreign investors and bigger investment funds will want to jump onboard this great growth case and we are convinced that G5’s management has many more aces up its sleeves.

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