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newlogo G5 Entertainment’s smash hit Secret Society has steadily improved its rankings on Google Play during the last week. Being a free-to-play title it takes some time for the game to climb on the top grossing ranks as players start to play for free and then gradually invest more and more money into the game. This starts to show now that the games has been on the market for two weeks.

The graph below shows the grossing statistics on Google Play as of yesterday, June 19th 2013 (source:


On iPad, Secret Society continues to be ranked very high around the world. In the very important market Germany, Secret Society managed to break into the top 30 top grossing games and is ranked #28 top grossing game on iPad as of today. Secret Society’s position in the USA is strong and steady around #40.

Secret Society top grossing rankings on iPad:

Secret Society is a money machine for G5. In previous posts we presented hypothesis that the game can generate around SEK 10m per quarter for G5 with current rankings on iOS. Now with Google Play included in the picture that number is of course likely to be significantly higher going forward.

We are also happy to note that the company today released its third Free-to-play game for Google, Doomsday Preppers. Named after a popular TV show on National Geographic, the game has not had the same success as Secret Society and Virtual City Playground on iOS so far, but it is continuously among the top 400 grossing games in countries like the US and the structure with regular updates and new features leaves the option open for the game to climb the ranks in the future. It is also good to see that G5 is finally focusing more on Google Play as well, as the company is still lagging behind on that platform, compared with its performance on iOS.

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