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#G5 Entertainment: Ranking check

newlogo One week ago G5 Entertainment released its smash hit Secret Society for Google Play. Being a free-to-play title it takes some time for the game to climb on the top grossing ranks as players start to play for free and then gradually invest more and more money into the game.

The trend so far is promising as Secret Society is improving its positions every day in almost every country. The graph below shows the grossing statistics on Google Play as of yesterday, June 12th 2013 (source:


As a comparison, here is what it looks like on iPad as of yesterday:


Finally, our  updated ranking check for Secret Society top grossing rankings on iPad: G5SecretSociety

The biggest improvement this weeks comes from Germany, were Secret Society is ranked #31 top grossing game on iPad as of today, June 13th. That’s a strong improvement from #115 one week ago. The German market is one of the top5 markets globally in terms of money generation for apps. Secret Society’s position in the USA is strong and steady around #40.

Secret Society is a money machine for G5. In previous posts we presented hypothesis that the game can generate around SEK 10m per quarter for G5 with current rankings on iOS. Now with Google Play included in the picture that number is of course likely to be significantly higher going forward.

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