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#G5 Entertainment: Warrant Program 2012 fully subscribed

G5 Entertainment just announced that its Warrant Program 2012, as adopted by the Extraordinary General Meeting held on October 31st 2012, has been fully subscribed by managers and senior executives of G5 Entertainment group. Board members with exception of CEO were not entitled to subscribe. Accordingly, G5 Entertainment AB will issue 160.000 warrants. Each warrant entitles the holder to subscribe to one share in the company at an issue price of 106,48 Kr. The period for the warrants is 3 years and 3 months, and it will be possible to exercise warrants after 3 years. Upon full exercise of the warrants, up to 160.000 shares, which represents about two percent of the total number of outstanding shares, will be issued.

Pretty good indication on where management believes the share price will be moving…
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