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#Bitzio: Shares getting hammered on NFL app delay

Bitzio share 2013-01-07

Shares of US app developer Bitzio are currently getting hammered and are down around 40%. This comes amid a strange delay in the highly anticipated release of the company’s Football Trivia app. In co-operation with the NFL Players association, Bitzio aims to publish its “Pigskins Football Player Trivia Game”. The app was set to be launched in December and at a investor conference in California in early December, Bitzio’s CEO Peter Henricsson even gave the audience a sneak preview of the game. Now investors seem to lose their patience.

We still think that the game makes a very good first impression and the graphics hold a high standard.¬†Given the large fan base of the NFL, we believe the app has the potential to be a real hit for Bitzio and its shareholders. However, it needs to be launched in order to start earnings some money for the company. Something seems to cause problems, hopefully we’ll get clarity on what it is soon. The Super Bowl will take place in early February and interest for the NFL is probably at its highest this time of the year. So it’s really time to hurry up now Bitzio – Time for a Touchdown!

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