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#G5 Entertainment: First changes to #Jumpster

Some interesting news regarding G5 Entertainment’s Jumpster” on ( Apparently, G5 has made its first changes to the monetization model of Jumpster. The game has been a hit in the top free charts but has so far failed to succeed as well in the top grossing lists. Reviews praise its quality but criticize the in-app-purchase model as being to aggressive. Furthermore, there seems to be a Halloween-update on its way. Exciting times as usual.

Here is the article:

Since its launch three weeks ago Jumpster has been a big hit in the iOS gaming community. Most people agree that Jumpster is an amazing game, however, the  IAP (in-app purchases) seems a bit aggressive. So what have the developers done? Adjusted the IAPs for the better!

  • Changed in-app purchase sums and pricing. New pricing is as follows:Energy bar lasts 2x as long as it did previously
    • $1.99 – 500 coins (was $0.99 – 100 coins)
    • $4.99 – 1500 coins (was 750 coins)
    • $9.99 – 4000 coins (was 2500 coins)
    • $19.99 – 10000 coins – which pretty much lets you get through most if not all of the game.
  • Energy bar last 2x as long as it did previously
  • Energy bar is fully restored in only 4 hours. Before it restored every 12 hours.

Additionally, the Halloween update is in the works. You can download Jumpster on the App Store via this link. Enjoy!”

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