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#G5 Entertainment: Ranking check

This week‘s ranking check for our top-pick G5 Entertainment would not be complete without a closer look at how the recently launched “Jumpster” has developed so far. The game has managed to take some impressive placings in the top free rankings in important markets, e.g. top 5 free apps for iPhone and iPad in the USA. However, looking at the top-grossing rankings, which at the end of the day is all that matters, the trend is more hesitant so far. One the one hand, this is normal for a freemium game: people download the game for free and only after a certain amount of time, they will be forced to pay for certain items etc. and Jumpster has only been on the market since last Wednesday. On the other hand, Jumpster is a type of game that requires already after a short amount of time that you open your wallet so there is a risk that people who are not willing to pay for it after 2-3 days, will not be for it all.

Besides the actual turnover generated from Jumpster, it is of course great marketing for G5 Entertainment that one of its games is ranked so high in the US among the top free apps and we can hope that the cross selling strategy will bear fruits also for its other apps.

(We are screening the app markets of Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, UK and USA).

Number of G5 Entertainment games among the top grossing charts for iOS:

Jumpster rankingsĀ  among the top grossing charts for iPad:



The verdict is still out on Jumpster. Its seems to be a great and entertaining game and it is a milestone for G5 Entertainment in either way. We have to wait and see how much money it will generate for the company. The good part: even if it will “only” perform in-line with previous games, G5 is still set to earn some SEK 3.20 this year and >SEK 5.00 next year, making it one of the cheapest and most interesting growth stories on the stock market.

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