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#G5 Entertainment: “Nothing to worry about”

Nordic Investor received a few mails from engaged readers that were wondering what had happened to two of the most anticipated gamesĀ  of G5 Entertainment. This comes in the light of G5’s initial announcement in early June, that it intends to release its first “physics platform game” “Jumpster” in July (see our comment from June 6th: As the weeks passed it became clear that Jumpster will not be released in July. Also, in October 2011, G5 announced a high profile cooperation with US company HipSoft aiming to bring their “Build-a-lot” franchise to iOS and Android ( Ever since, gamers are eagerly awaiting the launch but no further announcement has been made.

So are there any underlying problems with these games? Nordic Investor reached G5 Entertainment CEO Vlad Suglobov, who just arrived from Moscow to Seattle for the Casual Connect conference where G5 is Platinum Sponsors. Vlad is one of the speakers at the conferenceĀ  aiming to further strengthen G5’s relationships with developers and find new partners.

His answer to the question whether there are any serious issues with Jumpster or the HipSoft cooperation, was short and precise: “Regarding Jumpster and Hipsoft games – nothing changed. Things often take longer than expected. We have plenty of games in the pipeline and our revenue is growing nicely so there’s nothing to worry about.”

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