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#Google: More than 900,000 #Android activations per day

Google continues to increase its amount of Android activations. More than 900,000 units are activated per day, compared with 850,000 which was indicated at the mobile fair “Mobile World” in Barcelona in February this year, according to Andy Rubin, the head of Google’s Android business.  

 In December 2011, the number was 700,000 units per day and in June last year only 500,000. Rubin announced this piece of news in a Tweet in which he also said that he had no plans to leave Google. This was speculated due to his involvement in the start-up company CloudCar. 

Some recent reports indicated that Android might have peaked in terms of market share for smartphone operating systems. IDC, e.g. expects Android’s market share to decline by 8 percentage units over the coming four years. Nevertheless, Android volumes are expected to increase by 9.5% p.a. due to the immense overall growth of the smartphone market. 

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