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#G5 Entertainment: Ranking check

It’s shaky again on global stock markets. In times like these it is important to focus on the underlying business of your investments. Nordic Investor is constantly screening the most important global app markets, with the help of a co-operation partner. This enables us to keep track of how things are going for the different app developers, such as our top-pick G5 Entertainment.

The most important message first: Business is going great for G5!

In the iOS markets of Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, UK and USA, G5 Entertainment started Q2 2012 with around in total 65 games among the top 100 top grossing charts in each of the countries. As of this morning, this amount had increased to over 121, and the trend is accelerating:

The same positive development can be seen in the top 200 grossing rankings, where G5 Entertainment started the quarter with 163 apps among the top 300 grossing charts in the aforementioned countries and today it is almost 210:

Top 300 grossing rankings:

Top 400 grossing rankings:

Top 10 grossing rankings (Mac):

Google Play:

As you can see, G5 Entertainment’s business is doing very well. We can therefore happily weather the current storm in the equity market. The G5 share closed today below SEK 37, which values the company at 11.5 times expected 2012 earnings. This is cheap and the patient investor will be rewarded.

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