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Survey: Nordic Investor Mobile Gaming/Technology strategy

We want your input!

Nordic Investor is contemplating to setup a “Mobile Gaming/Technology” portfolio, open for everybody to invest in. By buying into our strategy you get the chance to benefit from the potential of the rapidly growing smartphone and tablet market and get a better risk diversification. Focus will be on Nordic and US companies that are active in the mobile gaming/technology space. Our approach is based on fundamental research. There are no expensive management fees and no intransparent portfolio allocation. We are actively managing the portfolio and you will be notified of every change made in the strategy.

 How does it work?

We are collaborating with Modular Streams, a Swedish company that enables through its unique proprietary platform so-called “peer to peer investments”. Any investor will be able to follow our strategy and trading will be done automatically on the investors account. Modular Streams’ system is integrated with a broker and they communicate with the broker rather than maintaining bank accounts. The broker receives signals from the strategies that buy / sell a security for any investor that follows our strategy. There are no management fees – only if the strategy generates a profit, Modul Streams and Nordic Investor get 20% of that profit (no profit – no fee). The broker charges for every transaction made by the strategy.

For further information about Modular Streams and its technology, please visit


Does this sound like an interesting proposition to you?  We would like to know if you could potentially be interested in such an investment and would be grateful if you let us know what you think: 

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