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#G5 Entertainment: Happy Easter thx to VC2

It seems to have been a Happy Easter for G5 Entertainment, judging from the sales development of its latest release Virtual City 2. Not only has the game itself sold well in most of the major app markets around the world, but it is has also managed to increase the sales numbers for the rest of the G5 Entertainment portfolio.

We have looked at the number of G5 games among the top grossing apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac combined in major markets (Japan, China, South Korea, Russia, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Sweden) and since the release of Virtual City 2, the overall G5 portfolio rankings have improved.

number of G5 games among top 100 grossing apps:

number of G5 games among top 400 grossing apps:

In the meantime, sales of Virtual City 2 continue to develop favourably around the world both for iPad and iPhone as can be seen on the following charts:






It remains to be seen if the success of Virtual City 2 will be the next trigger for the G5 share. Following the recent upgrade of its Q1 forecast, this is the next positive news within a short period of time and a revaluation of the share is overdue.

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