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#G5 Entertainment: A hit in the making

G5 Entertaiment’s Virtual City 2 is on a great path to become a hit for the company. Released yesterday, it made its way into the top grossing charts in most important European markets already on its first day. Today, we can state that even the rest of the world seems to have caught “VC2 fever”. Another pleasant side effect: other G5 games seems to get a push as well as the cross selling approach is working once again. Look at the amount of G5 games that are currently in the top grossing charts in the most important (read “most money involved”) markets around the world!

Virtual City 2 is currently among the top 50 grossing iPad apps in Germany, France, Spain and Italy. It is top 100 in China and top 200 in USA, UK and South Korea.



The following charts show G5 Entertainment’s positions in the iPad top grossing lists by country:




South Korea






Nordic Investor


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