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#G5 Entertainment: Virtual City 2 ranking check

Today’s ranking check is dedicated to Virtual City 2, the sequel to G5 Entertainment’s blockbuster Virtual City. This morning, G5 released Virtual City 2 (VC2) for iPhone and iPad and we are happy to state that the game is selling like hotcakes in the major European markets. In Germany, VC2 is among the top 50 top grossing iPad apps, and ranked 183 for iPhone. In France, Spain and Italy, VC2 is among the top 100 top grossing iPad apps. For the iPhone, it is ranked 179, 90 and 169 in these countries respectively.  In the important Chinese and UK market, VC2 is currently ranked 289 and 176 for iPad.



G5 Entertainment’s top grossing iPad rankings by country:







This looks very promising indeed. The Easter holidays are now here, so be sure that VC2 will continue to climb those charts and earn us G5 Entertainment shareholders a nice nest egg.

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