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G5 Entertainment: New games selling successfully

G5 Entertainment has a long line-up of new games to be released during 2012 and its most recent releases were off to a promising start indeed.  “The Island: Castaway“, “Treasure Seekers 4” and “Royal Trouble: Hidden Adventures“, all managed to gain top-100 spots in the top grossing lists in important markets for both iPad and iPhone. We are also excited about the recent release of “Special Enquiry Detail: Engaged to Kill” for PC. The game is a sequel to G5’s blockbuster “Special Enquiry Detail: The Hand that Feeds” which was (and still is) a huge hit on several platforms during 2011. We believe that the “Special Enquiry Detail“-series can be a very lucrative one for G5 Entertainment. Also, on March 22nd, G5 will release another sequel to its “Fix-it up” series for iPhone and iPad. It is great to see that the company delivers on its promise to issue a large number of new games for the exploding mobile gaming market.

I am long G5 Entertainment and you should be too!

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