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Samsung: Interested in buying game developer? posted an interesting comment a few days which gives the M&A action in the mobile gaming space a new edge. They are citing rumours that Samsung might be interested in snapping up a game developer to add content to their devices.

Today, we have interesting news for you that fit right into the current trend of hardware manufacturers buying company’s to enrich their multimedia portfolio. After both HTC and Samsung bought their own sound company’s, and the rumor that HTC is going to get Playstation certified with their upcoming devices, rumor arrived us today that Samsung is about to buy the next company in their battle for customers. A delegation of Playandroid has recently been to a Korean trade fair and one of the biggest under-the-table topics there has been a rumored acquisition of Korean Android game developer Com2Us by Samsung (which also is a Korean company). Com2Us has developed some big budget titles like Inotia 3, Slice It or Homerun Battle 3D.”

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