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Mobile gaming: The trend is your friend

The trend is your friend – in this case if you are an app developer focused on mobile gaming that is.

I have been looking at the search volume on Google for several key words related to apps and mobile gaming such as “Games Ipad”, “Games Iphone”, “Games Android”, “App store” and “Android markets”. As you can see in the chart below (source Google Trends), search volumes for all these key words are trending up, i.e. there are more people “googling” for these key words today compared with the average over the last 12-months. I think it is also interesting to highlight that the X-mas period has been by far the busiest period over the last 12 months, so the best time of the year lies still ahead of us.  This should bode well for download activity for the mobile gaming companies such as Glu Mobile and G5 Entertainment in the weeks and months ahead.

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