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G5 Entertainment: Insider purchases

A few days ago, G5’s CEO Vladislav Suglobov started to buy some shares again after a pause of almost one year. Considering his overall position of previously 720,000 shares, the latest addition of 1,000 shares seems of course rather negligible. However, I think it is interesting to note that he has in the past acted in a similar way, i.e. buying relatively small positions but on a re-occuring basis.

In July 2010, the CEO increased his position by 1,000 shares. The following month he bought 5,000 shares and he did the same in September and November 2010. As I mentioned in a recent comment, the current valuation of G5 is actually below the levels seen one year ago (during the period when he increased his position). I believe that Vlad is well aware of this fact and I would not be surprised to see his historical buying pattern to be repeated in the coming weeks and months.

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